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As a 21 Accents Academy All Access Member, you receive a Members Only price of $21 for workshop tickets (vs $39 for non-members).

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  September Workshops  


General American Accent in Acting - A Series: DRAMA - with Alex Brown

Tuesday, September 5th - 8am PDT

We'll be working on a dramatic scene this month! Just like we did in our first two workshops in this series, in this General American Accent in Acting: DRAMA Class, all participants will be sent a scene beforehand, in this case, a dramatic scene, and will need to learn it and prepare it in an American Accent, and they will get to work 1 on 1 with Alex on their individual Melody, Rhythm, and Sound challenges in this fun and encouraging class!

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British RP Accent in Acting - A Series: P1 Breaking Down a Scene - with Amy Walker

Thursday, September 21st - 11 am PDT

Learn Amy's personal techniques for breaking down a scene to authentically convey your character's feelings in the ways specific to an RP (Received Pronunciation) English accent. Dive in and play with a plethora of possible interpretations of each line, in order to rehearse flexibly and avoid the common pitfalls of locking into only one melodic pattern. For this technique, we begin with cold reads, so you will receive the scene at the workshop. All participants will get to play the scene at the end of class, and those continuing in the series will be cast for the October workshop, in which they will arrive off-book and prepared to dig deeper into their accent and performance.


Mastering the Most Challenging Sounds in GenAm : L SOUND - with Isabella Gamez

Thursday, September 28st - 11 am PDT

During this supportive and encouraging workshop, Coach Isabella will do a deep dive into the L sound which is widely considered one of the most difficult sounds for non-native speakers. She will explain the difference between the Dark and Light L, as well as some of the most common and challenging consonant transitions this sound has. Participants will get to work 1-1 with Isabella on several exercises that will help them tackle their specific struggles so everyone can leave the room feeling confident on their ability to master this challenging sound!

**Check back each month to see our new workshop offerings!**

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